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You think you know about the tooth fairy? You don't. The real one's much more scary. 

This is a story about real fairies. They are not made of sugar or spice or anything nice. They are dangerous. And worst of all, they detest children.

Will anyone come to the aid of Bertie Binx when he is confronted by the ugliest, greediest and most dangerous fairy of them all? Or will Madam Tooth Fairy succeed in harvesting the teeth of every innocent child in Willow?

An amusing and gothic escapade, The Fairy Beasts is not to be missed!

The Fairy Beasts

  • Specifications
    The Fairy Beasts
    Words and pictures by Victoria Hall
    For older children
    ISBN 10: 1537099477
    ISBN 13: 9781537099477
    Format: 8.5" X 8.5", Softcover, First Edition
    Publication date: September 2016
    Pages: 56

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    "The Fairy Beasts is such a fun and original story accompanied by brilliantly quirky illustrations. Primary aged kids will love to join in the rhyming text and parents who grew up loving Roald Dahl and Tim Burton will be instantly drawn to this book." - Amazon customer


    "Loved this book! The illustrations are terrific – very engaging and really draw you into the story. I particularly liked the character depictions of the beasts/creatures/monsters. This book made me think of the Brother’s Grimm fairy tales a bit – but for me this one was more entertaining. The age range (6-12) is appropriate – older kids (and adults!) would understand and appreciate the book’s humor/theme. Will be on the lookout for more from Victoria Hall." - Amazon customer


    "This funny yet sometimes threatening story is accompanied by dozens of fantastic pictures that reminded me of Roald Dahl's 'James and the Giant Peach.' You'll want to re-read this playful short story to review the “graphic” details and the odd (and sometimes strangely lovable) creatures that inhabit the world of “The Fairy Beasts,” an invention of Victoria Hall." - Steve Ross, author.

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