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Welcome to my creative blog!

Welcome to my creative blog, a virtual oasis where the imagination knows no bounds! Here, I invite you to embark on a wondrous journey through the realms of art, design, writing, literature, film, food and everything else that sparks the fires of creativity! Whether you're a seasoned artist seeking inspiration or a curious explorer eager to dive into unchartered creative territories, this blog is for you.

If you're a generous soul and you like what you read here, why not support a creative person and donate to my blog? Together, we'll conquer the uninspired world, one post at a time!

Thanks for reading.

x Victoria

About Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall is an English-born, Australian-based writer and illustrator. She is the creator of three picture books for children, Penny Prickles at Coogee Beach, Eggy Peggy Has Lost Her Leggy and The Fairy Beasts. For more updates, follow Victoria on Instagram or check out her bio here.


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