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Prepare yourself for puppy cuteness

Calling all big-hearted softies! It's international puppy day!

If you're a dog lover who's lucky enough to have a puppy, today is (yet another) day for you to celebrate and show unconditional love for your four-legged friend.

If, like me, you're not able to own a puppy yourself (*sniff*), today is a great day to sit back and indulge in the endless social media stream of adorable puppy photos.

Here's one of my very own sketches, 'Puppy Love', for you to enjoy.

If you're in Australia and you're thinking about buying a puppy, please consider adopting one from the RSPCA. For more information, please visit their website here.

Victoria Hall is an English-born writer and illustrator with a passion for anything gothic, eccentric or quirky. She is the creator of three picture books for children, Penny Prickles at Coogee Beach, Eggy Peggy Has Lost Her Leggy and The Fairy Beasts. For more, follow Victoria on Instagram or check out her bio here.


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