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Journey through The Art of Banksy

I’ve long admired Banksy's art, with its themes of rebellion and skepticism. So when the opportunity came to experience the captivating works of the elusive street artist in person, I simply had to go.

Love Rat, 2004

Running until 26 April 2024 at Sydney's Town Hall, the new Art of Banksy Exhibition features over 160 artworks, including originals added exclusively for our city.

As I wandered through this striking exhibit, I realised that so many of the issues raised in Banksy's art over the years are still relevant today.

Here are nine thought-provoking questions I asked myself as I took in Banksy's iconic imagery:

1. Why are the authorities so scared of free speech?

Stop Me Before I Paint Again, 2004
Stop Me Before I Paint Again, 2004

2. Have we normalised and accepted homosexuality in our society yet?

Kissing Coppers, 2004
Kissing Coppers, 2004

3. What are the links between consumerism, environmental degradation and refugee crises?

Girl With Balloon, 2002

4. How does gun violence in cinema influence human behaviour?

Pulp Fiction, 2002

5. Are we doing enough to challenge power dynamics and corruption?

Di-Faced Tenner, 2004

6. Why are we so willing to compromise our principles for fame and fortune?

Keep It Real, 2002

7. Will the wars ever stop?

Tank—Embracing Couple, 2003

8. Are we letting our children be themselves?

Toxic Mary, 2003

9. Are the people leading us mature enough to do so?

Sprung Horse, 2006

From Banksy's iconic stencil art and graffiti, to the recreation of captivating murals, each piece speaks volumes about today's political and social issues.

Queen Ziggy, 2012

Once again, Banksy's artworks have served as a catalyst for introspection, reminding me to question the status quo and reevaluate my perspectives on pressing global issues.

While nothing can compete with seeing Banksy's street art in its original context, this show does bring the work to a wider audience and fosters a broader appreciation of its messages.

For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint myself with one of the most enigmatic and influential artists of our time.

No doubt, Banksy’s legacy will continue to resonate for generations to come!

Want to experience The Art of Banksy in Sydney? Get your tickets here:

About Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall is an English-born, Australian-based writer, illustrator and art fanatic. She is the creator of three picture books for children, Penny Prickles at Coogee Beach, Eggy Peggy Has Lost Her Leggy and The Fairy Beasts. For more updates, follow Victoria on Instagram or check out her bio here


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