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Sketching in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens

Whether you're staying close to home or going further afield, drawing on location is an essential part of building your personal visual vocabulary. It's a great way to capture a location, an atmosphere or simply observe people.

Townscapes, markets, fairgrounds and buildings are all good places to develop your work. But, on this occasion, I decided to visit the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

The best thing about drawing in the Royal Botanic Gardens is finding inspiration in nature's textures.

When I draw on location, I usually take a small sketchbook and two or three graphite pencils with me, as they are reasonably manageable and inconspicuous.

On this day, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my little girl, who also loves to draw. We wrapped up our little excursion with a delicious lunch in the Botanic Garden restaurant.



Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall is an English-born writer and illustrator with a passion for anything gothic, eccentric or quirky. She is the creator of three picture books for children, Penny Prickles at Coogee Beach, Eggy Peggy Has Lost Her Leggy and The Fairy Beasts. For more info, check out Victoria’s bio here.

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