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Horrible fairies from all over the world

This International Fairy Day, I’m giving you the heads-up on the nastiest sprites from across the globe. Spot them and stop them from ruining your trip!

Happy International Fairy Day, fairy fans! No doubt for most of you, the word ‘fairy’ conjures up images of Peter Pan’s playful Tinkerbell, Fern Gully’s forest-saving Crysta or even Sleeping Beauty’s generous fairy godmothers. But, did you know that not all fairies are good? In fact, anywhere you go, there are some downright terrible ones. Here are some of the worst ones that you could possibly spot during your travels.


Genie-like, dark spirits who inhabit desolate and dingy places throughout Arabia. They’re thought to give their victims diseases and even mental illness!

Berberoka Filipino fishers know a good catch is hard work. So, they’re wary of any considerable catch just lying there. They know Berberoka, a dangerous water-dwelling fairy, is ready to drown anyone foolish enough to take her bait.

El Duende A magical being of South American folklore with a split personality. Some say El Duende helps lost travellers, while others believe he’ll kidnap children. When strolling through forests, this goblin-like creature’s whistle is your cue to split or be lost in the woods forever.

Leanhaum-Shee This vampire-like fairy of Irish lore disguises itself as a beautiful woman. Male victims are lured in, slowly drained of life and blood, then eventually killed. Like the muses of Greek myth, she targets the artistic and creative by inspiring them. Stay away or risk getting terribly love-sick.


Believed to be either fallen angels or the spirit of evil departed, these beastly fairies like to fly in from the west. So, the Irish keep west-facing windows shut to protect themselves from these restless spirits. If not, they’ll carry your soul away!

Tokoloshe Beware of these miniature sprites when you’re in the southern parts of Africa. They turn invisible after drinking water and like to cause mischief and illness to children.

Yuki-Onna When visiting Japan, try not to anger the Yuki-Onna, the snow-dwelling, human-hunting resident spirits of the alps. They hang around mountain passes and roads, waiting for lost travellers to freeze and feed on their souls.

No guidebook will warn you about these awful critters. But at least now you can spot them and avoid them at all costs!

x VH


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