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Happy Batman Day!

Happy Batman Day! I'm a massive Tim Burton fan and Batman Returns is easily my favourite Batman film. (Yes, I like it even more than the original Batman!) In particular, I love the character The Penguin, played by Danny DeVito. Apparently, he spent two hours a day in make-up. The artists who created his look decided to move away from previous depictions of the character. Instead of just giving DeVito a pointy nose, they created prosthetics to make his face look more 'avian'. They also studied deformaties, such as curvature of the spine and syndactyly. The new-look Penguin was top secret stuff on set. DeVito was forbidden to describe his make-up to anyone, including his family. The image above is an original concept sketch of The Penguin by Tim Burton. Pretty cool, huh?

What's your favourite Batman film? Comment below.

x VH

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