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Inside my little travel sketchbook

For my last Vie-art-nam blog post, I thought I'd open up my little travel sketchbook and share some of my favourite drawings with you.

For each sketch, I used a 'line and wash' technique, using an old-fashioned bamboo pen, a soft Asian calligraphy brush and water-soluble Chinese black ink on white cartridge paper.

As you can see, I developed the pen and brush work at the same time, but laid some darker washes over the lines. Each sketch took me about 10 minutes.

I really love the 'line and wash' technique. It allows me to work more freely and rapidly than with pen alone, because I don't have to rely on the line to provide the tone. Plus, I like the lively and expressive effect of the bamboo pen's varied line.

Thanks again for reading my art-travel posts. I hope you've enjoyed sharing my Vietnam experiences. I'd also like to say thanks for all of your lovely messages. As always, I'm incredibly grateful for your kind words and encouragement.

Please stay tuned to my blog for more art updates!

Victoria x

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