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My favourite part of the Sydney Writers' Festival?

Folks, the 2017 Sydney Writers’ Festival has wrapped. My favourite part of the program? Family Day! Held in the heart of Walsh Bay on Sunday, 28 May, Family Day encouraged bookworms of all ages to come together for a delightful celebration of creativity and storytelling.

Needless to say, the weather and harbour-side location looked picture perfect.

Sydney Writers' Festival 2017

With a hot coffee and a fresh croissant, I took a stroll around an exhibition of Roald Dahl’s book covers from across the globe.

Roald Dahl Exhibition Victoria Hall

My favourite artwork? A Hungarian version of The Witches.

The Witches Victoria Hall

Next, I dropped into the ABC’s live podcast of Short & Curly, a fast-paced fun-filled ethics show for kids and their parents. Using Roald Dahl’s characters, the group discussed ‘how to deal with nasty horrible, terrible people’ and whether it was okay to hate a baddie.

After voting the Grand High Witch as Roald Dahl’s nastiest character, the children discussed what might have made the villain so bad.

Next, I joined Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys’ talk Under the Love Umbrella: How Do We Make a Picture Book? After explaining the creative and book production process, the talented duo invited children onto the stage to draw pictures of their nearest and dearest under the love umbrella. Super cute!

My next stop? The Gleebooks shop, where I picked up a copy of Sigi Cohen and James Foley’s awesome book, My Dead Bunny.

After a quick wave to Russ the Story Bus, it was time to say goodbye and head home. Another great Sydney Writers’ Festival done and dusted. See you next year, kids!

xx Victoria

The Sydney Writers' Festival will return 30 April - 06 May 2018. To stay up to date, subscribe to their newsletter.

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