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Looking to 2017...

I have a black moleskin book full of ideas for creative projects. For every project I tick off, a dozen more find their way onto the pages. Ideas for art, illustration, books, and stories for audiences both old and young.

It’s at about this time of year that I try to set myself some creative project goals. Where should I direct my time and energy? What project excites me the most? Which has the most potential for success? It’s like choosing between your children. I feel frustrated that I can’t do everything, but also grateful for the opportunities I am presented with.

This year, I’m going to have a stab at writing some adult fiction, a supernatural horror, in either short story or screenplay format. This will be a stretch for me, as it’s been many years since I’ve done this type of writing. But, having sat down to brainstorm ideas at the weekend, I just know I am going to have a lot of fun with it.

Last year, I was lucky enough to meet two of Australia’s most talented and successful horror screenwriters. They’ve been very generous with their encouragement and advice over recent months. I’m hoping that some of their magic will rub off onto me. But even if it doesn’t, I figure I’ve just met two awesome horror fans I can wax lyrical with.

Here’s to the inspirational people who are generous enough to help others along the way.

And here’s wishing all of you a very happy and successful 2017!

Victoria x

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