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The big release

It's been almost two weeks since the release of my third children's book, The Fairy Beasts. I just want to thank my friends, family and followers for their well wishes—and for buying lots of copies of my book! While it's still early days, I'm really pleased with how well The Fairy Beasts is doing.

Two years ago, when I launched my first children's book, I naively thought that once it was out, I'd be able to put up my feet and drink tea while the orders flew in. Nope!

I now know that the hard work extends far beyond my book's release date. My nights and weekends are filled with packaging and posting book orders placed via my website. Then there's sales and marketing activities; attending events, arranging promotions, writing blog and social media posts, and designing flyers like the one pictured above.

This all comes after a busy day in the office and the important three-hour dinner/bath/bedtime routine with my wonderful three-year-old daughter.

Yep, it's hectic. I'm just about getting by on a diet of passion and inspiration. But the truth is, I've never been happier!

Thankfully, I'm not doing all of this alone. I have a super supportive partner and a group of friends who often believe in me much more than I believe in myself. It is their words of encouragement that carry me forward when I'm tired or simply don't feel good enough. A million thank yous to the best cheerleaders a girl could ever have. I am more grateful than you know.

x VH

Don't forget, you can order your copy of The Fairy Beasts from my website, Amazon or Apple iBooks.

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