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The Fairy Beasts - available now!

Victoria Hall | Author | Illustrator | The Fairy Beasts

Victoria's third children's book, The Fairy Beasts, is available now in print (AU$14.99) and digital (AU$3.99) formats from Amazon, Apple iBooks, and selected bookstores.

In The Fairy Beasts, Victoria Hall explores greed, loneliness, friendship, bravery, perseverance and survival.

Gothic, humorous and a little bit gross, The Fairy Beasts is a fantasy story about real fairies. Real fairies are not made of sugar or spice or anything nice. They are dangerous. And worst of all, they detest children.

In the town of Willow, a lonely young boy named Bertie Binx is confronted by the ugliest, greediest and most dangerous fairy of them all—Madam Tooth Fairy. She is plotting to harvest the teeth of every innocent child in town. Fearful Bertie tries to convince the grown ups of what is happening—but they won’t listen. He perseveres and develops a cunning plan—and a friendship—with a brave and unexpected ally. But is it enough to overcome the terrible tiny beasts that lurk around pillows after nightfall?

The Fairy Beasts is a book for older children who enjoy classic fairytales. This story will appeal to fans of Lemony Snickett, Roald Dahl and Hans Christian Andersen.

Victoria says, “The idea for The Fairy Beasts came from a recurring dream I used to have about mischievous little fairies that nibbled at my ankles. After doing some research, I discovered that, according to Celtic folk tales, fairies can be quite unpleasant—they even smell like rotten eggs! I wrote this book because I wanted to resurrect the qualities of the traditional fairytales I enjoyed and dreamt about as a child.”

Victoria’s illustrations are inspired by photographs she took during evening walks through Sydney’s woodland areas. She used pencil, paper and Photoshop to create the final artwork.

Check out The Fairy Beasts book trailer below and order your copy today!

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