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Six "studio" essentials

One of my lovely Instagram followers recently asked me what my studio essentials are. Well, I should probably start by saying that my "studio" is more of a modest creative space in the corner of my family's lounge room—just the way I like it.

While I'm not particularly ritualistic, there are some things I need and like to have around before I get to work. These usually include:

  1. Art materials: Obviously. Acrylic paints, a selection of brushes, a jar of water, heavyweight acid-fee paper, artist's masking tape, my easel or my large drawing board, and a hairdryer for when I'm too impatient to watch paint dry naturally!

  2. Quality music: Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, Mazzy Star, The National, Radiohead and The XX are all on high-rotation while I'm working.

  3. Bright, natural light: This is essential for colour-mixing. Preferably streaming in through a large open window with a fresh ocean breeze. Living by the beach has its perks.

  4. Comfortable clothes: I like old soft cotton shirts and leggings the best.

  5. Drinks: A large glass of water and a steaming hot cup of Tetley tea. Milk, no sugar please!

  6. Snacks: McVities' milk chocolate digestive biscuits and salted mixed nuts are my absolute favourites. Yum.

So, there you have it. Put me in a room with all of these things and you're almost guaranteed a masterpiece! *Gulp*

Are you an artist, writer or creative? What are your rituals or essential items when setting to work? Please share them below.

Thanks for reading.

x VH

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