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Choosing media and materials

Some advice—you may want to avoid me for the next few weeks! I'm likely to repeatedly ask you to comment on about 10 different versions of the same drawing. Apparently, this is highly annoying.

I've finally finished my rough layouts and now I have to decide what media, materials and techniques I'm going to use for my final illustrations.

It's important that the look of the artwork matches the mood of my story and the vision in my head.

This book is a gothic fantasy story for older readers, so I expect the final pictures to look grittier than those in my previous books.

I work best with acrylic, brush and ink, collage, digital, mixed media or pencil. So, I'll be trying all of these materials before making my final choice.

Once I've made the big decision, I'll eagerly move on to the next part of the process—producing the final artwork!

Head over to my Instagram or Facebook pages for regular updates on my progress.

Thanks for reading!


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