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Rough illustrations for my new book

Victoria Hall | Author | Illustrator | The Fairy Beasts

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on the rough illustrations for my next picture book.

This one is a 64-page gothic fantasy story for 6-9 year olds.

There are a lot of pictures to create—almost double the amount in my previous books—and it feels like it is taking forever to complete them.

At this stage, I am trying to communicate what is happening with my story, straight from my head, without worrying about the details. I am also considering different viewpoints, composition and character relationships.

Because there is a lot of drawing and redrawing involved, I usually work on cheap layout paper and simply use 2H, HB and 2B pencils.

As much work as it is, developing the rough illustrations is one of my favourite parts of the creative process because I can be super playful.

Basically, the more I experiment, the more original my pictures become, and the more I like them. Hopefully, you will too!

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for more updates on my upcoming book.



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