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First book reading

It was just like Eminem said, "Palms are sweaty... knees weak... arms are heavy...

"This opportunity comes once in a lifetime..."

The first ever book reading!

I sat down on a tiny wooden chair facing rows and rows of expectant little faces, and opened my book.

In a trembling voice, I read the first line, "Eggy Peggy has lost her leggy!"

A babble of laughter.


But I told myself not to relax too much. You just never know what they might do next.

"Look at that egg, it looks funny!"

"It's jumping about!"

"It's sad!"

"I like her eyelashes!"

"I like her hat."

"Oh no, she's lost in the woods."

"Look, she's riding a banana! I love bananas... and eggs too!"

How about that? They seemed to like it.

They even joined in the colouring activities I prepared for them afterwards.

These excited two and three year olds were fun, chatty and attentive--the perfect audience for a first-timer like me.

When people ask me why I was so nervous, I answer, "Because, as far as I'm concerned, their opinion is the only opinion that matters."

A big thank you to my wonderful audience and to Only About Children for inviting me in to read my book.

x VH

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