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Eggy Peggy has lost her leggy! out now!

Eggy Peggy (has lost her leggy)!

The tale of an adventurous little egg in search of perfection.

In her second picture book for children, Eggy Peggy has lost her leggy, Victoria Hall explores health, nutrition, and the importance of overcoming mental and physical challenges.

Eggy Peggy has lost her leggy and she wants it back!

Eggy Peggy hops from one kitchen landmark to the next in search of her missing leg until, suddenly, she finds herself in serious hot water. Eggy Peggy is then left wondering how important is an old peg leg anyway? Quirky yet easy to read, this offbeat tale plays out in delicious illustrations—and winks at the reader with its cheeky twist! Suitable for children ages 1 – 3.

Of her new book, Hall says, “Eggy Peggy is really a metaphor for society’s obsession with body image and the health risks that can come with pursuing unrealistic standards. So many of us don’t appreciate our body’s remarkable design and function. Through this book, I want children to feel content about accepting real and perceived imperfections. I want them to see that they can adapt to and overcome mental and physical challenges, strengthen their bodies, and nourish themselves with a healthy diet.”

Hall’s artwork was inspired by memories from the family dining table. She says, “My mother used to serve up boiled eggs for breakfast. She would draw these crazy faces on the eggshell. Every day, I was filled with excitement about which kooky character might end up on my plate. Turns out, one of them would inspire the pages of my book!”

Eggy Peggy is available now in print ($9.50) and digital ($3.99) formats from Victoria's store, Amazon and Apple iBooks.

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